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Hello You.tiful, 

Thank you for stopping by. We are so glad you are here and hope our page brings a little beauty to your day.

- Eva & Lissette

gift box

This visually captivating craft box including soul affirming words and instructions contain an engraved mirror with the words "YOU ARE A SURVIVOR; Brave, Strong & Worthy." Also included is a mini tapestry, microfiber cleaning cloth. This is a gift like no other. 


the heart of it

Hello You.tiful was born from our desire to help women battling cancer & celebrate those who have overcome.  As we developed this project, our hearts were moved to bring hope to EVERY woman facing adversity;  from cancer, 

postpartum depression, suicide, abuse, anxiety, depression, fear, drug addiction and more. Our passion is to transform everyday products into tools that help affirm the true identity in each of us.  

cofounders, mamas & besties

Hello You.tiful is brought to you by ABBA & MAMA CO; Eva & Lissette (Settie). Established in 2020 we remind ourselves that we can persevere and bring forth new creation, even during a global crisis. We are "anything but typical".  


Through our 30 years of friendship, we have endured many heartaches and celebrated even more victories. Through it all and with seven kids between us, we have managed to find joy in the simple things and a hell of a lot of laughter. 

Want to know more about how we launched ABBA & MAMA CO and got our start on Amazon?

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